Art Deco Inspired Jewelry

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I have a total fascination with Art Deco Modern Jewelry. The Art Deco period is one of the most popular, enduring design periods in jewelry’s History. Women adorned themselves with bold, colorful pieces of Jewelry during the Art Deco period. Necklaces became excessively long and often featured numerous beads or pearls were wrapped around the neck several times to create a layered look. Some even added additional pendants or tassels for added effect.

"A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls," said Coco Chanel.

With the advent of new technologies, designers have created costume jewelry that mimicked the look and elegance of the higher end pieces using inexpensive materials -

but you still get the same timeless look.

In addition, modern art Deco can easily be recognized by its geometric shapes and symmetrical lines. The Colors used are generally much brighter and more vivid than jewelry created during other periods.

The main influences on Art Deco design were Cubism Art and Ancient Egypt, following the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922. Further, afield the shape and materials used in the arts of Africa and Eastern Asia provided the inspiration, the lustrous clashing colors and geometric lines.

Wearing modern inspired jewelry will open doors for people to be very cosmopolitan individuals – and beyond. The timeless look you have been hacking for.

Thanks for looking, hope you love it! Beauty in every sense!



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