Welcome to Mayfairtrends Jewellery

Welcome to Mayfairtrends

woman-wearing-jewellery-welcome-mayfairtrendsDo you like the simple style of jewellery? 

Explore Art Deco costume jewellery that oozes designs and adds oomph to any outfit. We bring you the best quality costume jewellery at the lowest prices. So everyone can afford to look at the best version of themselves. Wear the MUST-HAVE style your friends aren’t wearing. Enjoy!

What is the style of Boho Chic?

Bohemian is the most casual, earthy and joyful of all the style types.  Boho materials are natural leather, beads and  festive colours.

What is the style of Art Deco?

Art Deco described as keeping it simple. It’s all about geometric patterns, shapes and clean-lines.    Art Deco complements every style, day or night.

Find Your Style!👀

Find Your Style!👀

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