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Here’s What We Believe…

✔ Our main goal is not to force a sale; it is to make a customer
✔ We believe it’s no longer good enough to tell customers they should trust you. We need to earn it
✔ We believe money is made online by delivering real value and charisma in the lives of customers, not by manipulation.
✔ We believe that a profitable online business can and should be based on honesty and delivering maximum value.

It Started Like This...

I was raised learning antiquities from my parent’s pottery boutique at Alfies Antique Market. Upon their retirement, they sold the business to another antique dealer. I can remember my fascination for the Art Deco and Gatsby jazz age of the 1920s and 30s. An Art Deco dealer once summarized, "if the late-Victorian era is about curves, Art Deco is about angles". While that’s a very simplified-yet-true way to distinguish these two periods, regular lines and squares combined with circles play a big part in Art Deco design.


...And So The Story Continues


I had a wonderful career in advertising, but it got to the stage in the mornings when I had to pep-talk myself into getting out of bed. I realized I was hiding from my passion, that heartfelt yearning to have my jewelry store. So, after hanging up my boots and donating my city suits to charity, I pursued my dream by launching Mayfairtrends in 2012.

The Collection - Keeping It Simple

You’ll discover modern designs that capture the essence of Art Deco. It’s all about geometrical shapes, vivid colors than jewelry created during other periods.

We keep our collection small but evolving, so the range will always convey the same idea of elegance and charismatic style..


Our Guarantee - our Promise To You

You`re going to love quality at purse-friendly price tags and unsurpassed customer service. We ensure that we back everything we do with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. More than half of our faithful customers express their affection by coming back to buy again within 90 days.