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Mayfairtrends Anti-Spam Policy

Anti-Spam Policy

We are committed at Mayfairtrends PL to provide all customers with a high-quality email follows the most stringent permission-based email verification system. By creating an account and consenting to our Terms of Service, you are also agreeing to this anti-spam policy.

 What Is Spam? (Junk Email)

Spam defined as unsolicited email bulk messages sent through email. Unsolicited means that the receiver has not granted you direct permission to contact them. By emailing those who have not requested to receive it, you are not following accepted permission-based email guidelines.

Zero Tolerance To Spam Policy

We commit Mayfairtrends PL is strongly opposed to sending unsolicited email and has zero tolerance to spam policy. If you suspect any violators, please tell us directly at

Mayfairtrends Legal Guide Notable Info

(i) The customer has actively signed up for something, knowing they will receive messages.

Opt-Out — Unsubscribe 
(ii) Every commercial message must have a placed link or other address, allowing the receiver to unsubscribe from future messages. These messages must be promptly honored.

(iii) Content Requirements — The subject field and header must not mislead the reader, and the message must contain a valid postal address.

(iiii) Each email will include a Subject line at the top that explains what it is about.

These communications are defined as “Commercial Messages.”