Victorian Icelandic Poppy Crystal Necklace


  • $16.99

"Your soul blossoms like an individual flower, not a whole bouquet"  This Icelandic Poppy Necklace evokes the decadence of the late Victorian era. The flower is dusty gray, brightened by small rhinestones in the center. It is large and elegantly shaped so as not to overpower, perfectly accents your beauty and taste. In fact, it's something you really love, you should enjoy it with different looks, whether formal or casual outfits.

The ‘Wheat Chain’ by far is the best type of chain to wear because they don’t have a bending-point, you can fold it in half, twist it up, knot it, and won’t damage it in the slightest. It’s beautiful, smooth, and perfect as a standalone Chain. (Droops to a nice V on the Neck). It measures 27.5 inches. Lead and nickel free.

An exquisite necklace is about tuning you into you into your true self. It comes together so beautifully that you will desire to wear it every day. Once you get it on, you'll not want to take it off.  “Fashion fades, style is eternal” 

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Brand Name: Mayfairtrends
Length/Pendant/Width: 27.5", 2.6", 1.9"
Material/Metal: Zinc Alloy, Rhinestone Crystals
Eco-Friendly: 100% Lead & Nickel Free, Anti-Allergy
Gently wipe your pieces with a soft cotton cloth after each wear to remove dirt and oil from the surface.