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Bib-Collar Necklaces

Bib-Collar Necklaces

A bib necklace is a necklace that covers part of the chest. In the 7th century Europe,  it was popular for women to wear bib necklaces.  In those days, it was widespread by the prominent society women to wear evening dresses with a rather low-cut neckline. 

We also know a bib necklace as a statement necklace when it’s chunky and attention-grabbing.

How To Wear A Bib Necklace

The most excellent way to make your bib necklace stand out is to wear it with the right neckline. You can wear off-shoulder tops, turtlenecks, strapless dresses or collared shirts. If you’re wearing a collared shirt, opt for choker style necklaces that sit on your collars.

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