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Boho-Chic Bracelets

Boho-Chic Bracelets

Boho Chic style is the most casual and carefree of all style types. Have you noticed; Boho offers a more straightforward, earthly and colourful look. 

With Bohemians jewellery, Boho lovers like to stack in layers. The more, the better.  Such as layering necklaces, stacking up bracelets and bangles for that earthly look.

Down-to-Earth Jewellery

Look for a piece that blends natural materials like wood, beads, coral, turquoise, stone, or suede.

  • A long necklace is another great layering piece that quickly adds style to an otherwise bland outfit. 
  • Wood and metal bangles always look amazing and will always be in fashion. 
  • Focus on different bracelets’ design and rings to create an exciting effect.
  • Mix bracelets of earthy and natural colours with beads, tassels, crystals that related to this style.

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