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Art-Deco Triple Herringbone Necklace


Metal Color | Silver Metallic


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  • Product Description

      This neckpiece designed to highlight your neckline and grab attention for that chic style. Have you seen such a necklace? This necklace moves beautifully, will sure to turn heads. A Herringbone Chain is a must-have for your jewellery box.

      Herringbone Design


      The main feature of herringbone chain is slanted links to create a braided, flattened look.

      The surface captures the light beautifully and lie flat against your skin. The leather belt supports the multilayer strips for comfort.

      Do not attach a pendant to herringbone chain; weight may cause the links to bend.

      Masterful design that brings out your inner glow.  Add this Limited Edition treasure to any outfit. Click the “add to cart” button to place your order now.

      • Brand Name: Mayfairtrends™ Art Deco Triple Herringbone Necklace
      • Zinc Alloy, Material Faux Leatherette
      • Eco-Friendly: 100% Lead & Nickel Free, Anti-Allergy Cadmium Free

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  • Product Details
    • Variant: Silver Metallic
    • Product Type: NECKLACES